What if we could turn a freeway into a park in the sky?


First, thanks for visiting. If you’re here then you might be as restlessly optimistic about Houston’s future as we are. In the same spirit as the Allen Brothers and Jesse Jones, we too have discovered an opportunity to transform Houston. 

What if we could turn a freeway into a park in the sky? The Pierce Elevated does not meet current design standards, so it can’t continue to be used as a highway. TxDot has stated they will demolish it as they plan a reroute of I-45, but why let it be demolished? Why not convert the miles of elevated infrastructure into a sky park, with space to enjoy the outdoors while viewing Houston’s amazing skyline?


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Houston; Elevated

It’s all about quality of life, sustainability, connectivity, healthy fun, and the environment. It complements Buffalo Bayou Park, provides new accessibility into downtown and forms a key connector for the city’s growing network of hike and bike trails. 



Three times larger than New York’s famous High Line, it could provide a stage for amazing community gatherings and much more. Check out this Ted Talk video about the benefits that the High Line brought to NYC.